Is Electrical Lighting Hurting Our Health?

electrical health issues

There are a number of debates that are out there about our overall health and how it may be affected by various difficult technologies that we have in our world. But did you ever think that the light bulb could be one of the things that could be affecting our health the most? The electrical light bulb uses a number of different technologies to work, but the worst problem is that it keeps us up at night. Those lights are the things that throw off our natural balance.

Other factors are in there as well, by the way. The different types of light that these light bulbs emit make it so that our minds are overactive. On top of that, they also emit false heat and make it harder for us to make the world around us to stop going. There is always something going on outside of our homes, and sometimes, those things end up waking us up as well. The biggest issue, as you can see, is the effect that the light bulb has on our sleeping patterns.

Can We Fix This?

There are a few ways that we can fix this, actually. Many professionals will tell you to use electrical lighting as little as you possibly can. This is easy depending on where you live, especially during these summer months. The more sun that you get, the better mental health that you will have and the easier it will be for you to sleep at night. On top of all of that, you will also feel a lot more energetic when you’re going through your daily tasks, which is always beneficial, no matter what you may be doing on a daily basis.

Another suggestion that people have is that you should be getting outside regularly. Obviously, this gives you a lot of natural light but, at the same time, it gets your energy up as well. Once again, you’re away from light bulbs when you’re outside and about as well. It’s a win win situation all around, and you’re going to end up feeling a lot better (and you’ll be more tired when it’s time to sleep, too).

What do you think? Do you think the electric light bulb is an issue that we need to be concerned about, or is it something that we shouldn’t be too concerned about when it’s compared to the big picture of our health.